Monday Tidbits

  • That guy who loved being called a hipster 5 years ago is totally stoked on this new Danny Brown documentary that dropped via Pitchfork today, beat him to the punch and tell him how irrelevant he has become. For those of you unaware, Danny Brown was selected by the powers who be to be a successful rapper this year, he’s been making my earbuds happy for a few now, peep Cyclops.
  •  It has come to public attention that an Iranian displaced rapper by the name of Shahin Najafi has had a bounty of $100,000 dollars placed on his head for his apparent diss track of one of the 12 “infallible” imams by the name of Ali al-Hadi al-Naqi. Najafi who now lives in Germany, has found success with the video, and has claimed no discontent with Islam itself. I wouldn’t sweat this Shahin, Rushdie has had a bounty on his head for nearly two decades, all he’s done is sell millions of books and eat well.

  • Lil Boosie was found NOT GUILTY on that murder charge that has plagued him for the past year. There is little denying that the victim was shot by a hitman called “Marlo Mike”, but plenty of doubt about Boosie hiring him to do so. He is still in the can serving that six year drug stint, but the idea of Boosie being released in the next few years does have his fans (me included) mindfully satisfied. Apparently the courtroom was instructed not to have any outbursts during the release of the verdict, after hearing “Not Guilty” Boosie reportedly pumped his fist in the air multiple times. The judge responded by saying: “You’ve been found not guilty. You stuck your fist up in the air and I can’t exactly say that I blame you,” 

  • UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival announced that Bobby Womack will not be co-headlining Jam Day on account of illness. That is a major bummer for ticket that had people buzzing about the festival’s return to quality Jam Day music. Womack will be replaced on the billing by Booker T. Jones, a solid replacement on short notice, but for many it sure did take the oompf out of the first day festivities. Though, this rendition of a Lauryn Hill track is a promising start to what I expect to still be an awesome Memorial Day Weekend at UCLA. 



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