Soaring Voices Belong Up There [RIP Donna Summer]


Donna Summer died today after a battle with cancer. RIP

I work hard for the money, and everytime I do this classic track playing on repeat inside of my head makes me feel just a little bit better about it.

Before I was a Pissed Off Pussy, back in the days when I was just a kitten I admired Ms. Summer’s style in her 1984 release Cats Without Claws. The album was a part of my mom’s album crate and although it didn’t do well on the charts, it inspired me to willingly embrace unique styles and Donna’s huge voice.

Donna worked hard and we will miss her. A few producers worked hard so you can enjoy an updated take on her classic disco sounds. Much respect to Donna Summer and her musical legacy. She was a voice for women and their plight and she was a goddess on the mic.

Donna Summer – She Works Hard For The Money (PakTraxx DubStep Remix)

Donna Summer – She works hard for the money (DjPaRe Remix 2008)


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