Verbs Is Busy Swimming

People who live in Los Angeles are very familiar with the phenomenon of classic “LA” figures that stand out for whatever eclectic reason and exist as a landmark within the city. Whether it’s that jogging guy in Silverlake (whom I believe passed somewhat recently) or the guy in the suit selling pies at Crenshaw and Jefferson during rush hour, there is an essence about the city that is punctuated by its characters. For Angelinos who listen to hip hop and care about the local artistry, an emcee by the name of Verbs is pretty hard to miss. He’s one of those guys who you will see everywhere, literally. Identified by his trademark red stocking cap and his denim vest with a plethora of pins, you can catch the man riding his bike around Leimert, or attending pretty much every event of note in the music scene, the man gets around. Well, apparently he’s able to sneak out of the city and get some work in after sharing the stage and performing with his crew The Swim Team at Paid Dues Music Festival 2012, VerBS released his single from his forthcoming The Progress EP 3: Manifest Awesome. This song contains samples of Janelle Monae, Mayer Hawthrone, Electronic composition by KnockSteady’s very own Duke Westlake. Next time you see the man, give the man a pat on his back for his efforts, maybe a bottle of water too, drink more.

VerBS – Happiness (prod. Duke Westlake)

Also check out a very “Verbsesque” video featuring visuals by VerBS Shot by the good dudes at Original Knockoff.


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