Birthday Wishes To The Grime King

The UK is typically a few steps behind when it comes to hip hop. Can you blame them, much like West Coast rap during the early 90’s, it looks at NYC for inspiration, the effect is somewhat watered down. However, when it comes to the sound formerly known as “grime” that has evolved much like hip hop has recently in the U.S. into a hybrid sound encompassing anything from heavy dubstep bass lines to melodies usually attributed to indie pop, one can say they are en par like their golfers. Kano was at one point the only artist worth following in the UK  “hip hop” scene, and really that came with an asterix on account of his grime roots. Clearly that is not the case anymore, plenty of acts out of England right now, however, Kano is still dishing out damage in the vanguard.

He turned 27 years old today, mighty young for a guy charged with holding the Grime/hip hop/ whatever you want to call it flag for the UK. He drops a new track titled “Wavy” produced by Newham General’s Footsie on DJ Logan Sama’s show tonight, if it’s anything like their last leak (above) it’s worth tuning in,  I say mind your P’s & Q’s.


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