the Monday drops

Sleep dropping out of weekend eyes and the news dropping doesn’t bode well for some of those who rely on the Internet for music and money – the Recording Industry Association of America won a victory over music downloading when the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum who has a $675,000 verdict against him for downloading and sharing 30 songs online. The case will not be dropped, and neither will the amount of the penalties, which seem to be too unusually cruel to be constitutional. Mr. Tenenbaum may have been counting on FB stocks to take a monstrous leap and help him pay those bills, but the social media brand has opened its second day on the stock market with reports of a 13% drop. FB founder Mark Zuckerberg also dropped his bachelorhood Saturday by marrying his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. His bride is reported to like, “cooking and soft things,” a statement which makes me annoyed at the Associated Press. For existing.

Other things that dropped and sound unfortunate? Whitney’s last single. Call me what you will, but I will choose to remember one of my favorite vocalists of all time pre-Bobby only. A time before American Idol and all the fake extras that never did suit Ms. Houston in my opinion strung throughout a track I won’t Celebrate to. Ever.

Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks – Celebrate

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