Action Bronson: Twitter Hate Crime? Just Tweeting around? Freedom of Speech? [UPDATE]

I was getting interviewed for a job this past year and everything was going well, my gut was celebrating, I had that in the bag, then, the question: “Can you tell me a little about your Twitter account?” Me? My Twitter account with its petty 500 something followers? My account that is my blogs identity more than it is mine? My Twitter account? Let’s just say it wasn’t “in tune” with that employers existential mantra, I was kindly thanked for coming in. Lesson learned. Everyone from professional athletes to politicians to high school teachers have suffered a similar fate, trial and execution by Twitter. When I loaded up my timeline this morning I was surprised to see a pretty controversial tweet with an accompanying Instagram picture from one of my favorite rappers out of NY, Action Bronson.

Granted, for a man who rocks the twitter handle “Gimme Dat Butt” as well as formerly “Young Uganda” among other outlandish monikers, it is by no means shocking to see the filter button off. However, the notion that he was compelled to tweet a picture of a “tranny” whom had just had water dumped on “its” head by his boy does raise eyebrows, mind that pun. As Twitter controversies go, there was a flurry of feedback and qualifications. Including the following few tweets:

The man stands behind his words, and hasn’t deleted any of the tweets or pictures, I commend him for that. You can follow the conversation here, many are hitting him with both positive and negative feedback, many of which he has chosen to retweet. Now many of you will say, this is not a story, just a blog looking for one. I suppose that’s the very question I am asking, is this a story? Suppose some backup guard on the Pacers drops a line about “trannies” in a random tweet this week, what type of repercussions would you expect? Clearly a reaction from the league, clearly a major news story with groups looking to lynch the culprit. Are rappers immune to said critique? Action B. is a likeable guy, I like him, you like him, many people consider him the current torch bearer for the NY rap game. It’ll be interesting to see who chimes in, but at least you know that you can. Free speech baby, free fucking speech.

UPDATE: Action Bronson shut down his Instagram.


28 thoughts on “Action Bronson: Twitter Hate Crime? Just Tweeting around? Freedom of Speech? [UPDATE]

  1. I don’t care about drunk ass fools either….but it does say a lot about your character when you post pictures of said idiot, and turn it into a bigger deal then it actually is. Now Action looks like the fool… and I for one just deleted his mixtape from my itunes. I’ll stick with Das Racist.

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  3. who gives a shit that you deleted his mixtape from your itunes? why would think anyone would care? moron. das racist sucks btw.

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  5. yea jeremy you’re a fucking idiot. i bet you still got kanye on yr playlist even though he’s called mix raced people “mutts” before you bitch ass. and mike i’m with ya for hatin on jeremy for sucking balls, but das racist is the shit.

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  7. if mr bronson feels the need to dump water on women he does not find attractive, what is appropriate to dump on the head of a man who looks like he does?

  8. @ infamousladyt

    One’s own vomit. Dude’s an obese, hateful tub of filth.

  9. I like Bronson’s raps; he has a mad flow and the beats are funky as hell but he talks so much damn shit on twitter. Complete verbal diarrhea.
    I don’t doubt that it was innocent but would rather he spent his time say, I dunno, actually playing the shows he booked rather than ditching them in a tweet. It’s a strange insight into what seems to be the mind of a spoilt child. Chuck pasta? Chucking his toys more like..
    Still gunna crank “Not Enough Words” though, shit is tight.

  10. @Jeremy

    You’re going to delete music, just because they did something you didn’t like? Last time I checked, it’s the music that matters, not an artist’s personality.

  11. go to the spot on Broadway any given Thurs. Fri. or Sat. late night & you will see many “ignorant picture” moments waiting to happen …..that does not make him an offender of being gay or transgender. People will hype anything said b/c social media is a fuk box. Das Racist is cool Action for president & Mykki Blanco is a hoe for trying to capitalize off it.

  12. Lest us not forget the “assault” aspect of this story. Water was poured by Action’s boy over the person in the picture, and he bragged about it. For many, that’s the most damning part of his actions.

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  16. This isn’t freedom of speech, bro… This is borderline assault. So glad I won’t be seeing THIS asshole in Vancouver anytime soon.

  17. Come on dude, stop f*cking looking at me like that you weirdo! GET OUTTA HERE!

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