Not Christmas But Sleigh Bells Sound Lively

Sleigh Bells are quite the power duo. The tandem consists of Derek Edward Miller (guitar) and Alexis Krauss (vocals), and for the past five years have had a meteoric rise in the world of significant acts. The Brooklyn based group finds themselves on the cusp of another successful year ahead, having dropped their album Reign of Terror in late February of this year, the feedback has been demonstrative. This album was a true collaborative effort between the two, drastically different from their first album together, Treats, which was admittedly solely written by Derek Miller with Alexis having just joined the group. Peep their new video off their latest project, titled Demons,  a Pantera inspired feel featuring slow motion footage from live shows  filmed at Sleigh Bells shows in Omaha, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Houston.


 Their live shows have punctuated their stellar reputation so far, ZIF correspondent Oliver Smiff wrote a descriptive piece of a Toronto show where they co-headlined with Die Antwoord a few years back, you can check that here. In the meantime, you can add this Diplo remix to your collection of audible treats, consider it a early stocking stuffer.


One thought on “Not Christmas But Sleigh Bells Sound Lively

  1. Eg og ungane er like spente kvar dag, dei lurer på kva som er i adaeetskvlnndaren og eg lurer på kva som er på bloggen din. Bilda dine er fantastiske og det er så godt å lesa god, kvardagsleg nynorsk. Ha ei flott adventstid!

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