Biblical Beef: Pusha T v. Tunechi

After releasing the track last week, I wasn’t sure whether this beef would actually materialize into anything. Pusha T was quoted as saying it wasn’t related to Weezy, to me that’s enough to leave it alone. If I was Lil Wayne, I would have let that sleeping do lie, god knows that G.O.O.D. has more traction with tastemakers than YM does right now. However, when Weezy dropped the “Goulish” freestyle in response to the suppposed diss, we all knew the switch was moved into the “on” position. If I was a sports analyst slash Vegas bookie, my odds would favor Weezy still, his history with beef, let alone his ability to ride his fans into a campaign significantly outweigh the ability Pusha T has to make himself worthy of media hype without something as absurd as Kanye jumping on a track with him. Tag team though, Kanye and Pusha T versus Drake and Tunechi? That would potentially extend the predictably short shelf life of hip hop beef, here’s hoping that doesn’t happen. 

Oh, for those of you wondering about the actual biblical significance, Exodus 23:1 reads : “Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness.”

God, smh, always stepping in and causing shit between gangster rappers.

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