Indecent Proposal [The Jay Electronica Affair]

Ben and Kate Goldsmith are getting divorced! Not sexy enough of a headline for you? How about this? Rothschild heiress set for divorce after year long love session with Jay Electronica! Yeah, that’s better. When I came across this story (thank you Lady T) I was stunned by some of the juicy morsels embedded within this story. First of all, the married couple in question are the Goldsmiths, Ben, the son of the late tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith; his wife Kate is a descendant of the notable Rothschild family. In old school European terms, this couple was as close to royalty as one can get without winning the Prince Harry sweepstakes. Money wise they rivaled many a royal family within the Old Continent, when Ben’s father passed away in 1997, he inherited upwards of 600 million dollars, fat stacks brother. In addition they look to be a pretty palatable couple, I know uber rich couples all look the same after a while, but with Ben making the family millions, and Kate left to explore her artistic side with music, this has come as quite a shock for the gossip thirsty country to say the least.

 Ah, the music production angle. Now it starts to make a little sense. Jay Electronica is an eclectic guy (also a five percenter), his appreciation of the off beaten path can be seen in everything from his love interests (he has a child with Erykah Badu) to his music (the man has never released an LP). He moved to England over a year ago to explore creative interests overseas, a path often taken by rappers struggling to put out a final project. Apparently he linked up with Kate Goldsmith who has a sincere passion for her well funded career in music production. She runs a record label called Round Table, to which Electronica is signed. Kate was immediately taken aback by the U.S. born Electronica, as a friend describes it:

‘She is obsessed with this chap called Jay Electronica who is one of her clients. She is always on the phone to him and out  with him until four or five in the morning most nights. Sometimes she even stays with him.

Now the divorce part. Sexting was the culprit. Ben found some text exchanges between Kate and Jay, that has led to the current fiasco that is this blown up divorce to be. Police were called to their Notting Hill home (yes, fucking Notting Hill, priceless) to reprimand Ben for having “slapped her and having kicked a child toy at her”. Free now, he’s all business with the divorce, and apparently Kate is full on excited about moving forward with Jay. On May 21st he tweeted the following picture of her while tagging her in his tweet

Yesterday, he tweeted the following:

“Love”, it’s a crazy thing, you can have a billion dollars, but it can’t create or maintain the inexplicable connection that some of us choose to call amour. One last thing though, for a 5% who has a baby with Queen Badu, having a love affair with a billionaire white heiress from Notting Hill England is something to also talk about. You know me, race relations and love, horse and carriage.


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