Brazilian Rapper X Brazilian Footballer [Emicida X Neymar]

When I think Brazil, I think soccer or futbol, that and beaches with scantily clad Brazilians. For big time soccer fans, watching the Brazilian league is secretly where it’s at, somewhat like watching games at Rucker Park for basketball fans. The league is full of fancy footwork and goals galore, a few stars as well. One said star is Neymar (yes, the one name thing is big there), known for his outstanding gamesmanship playing for the club team Santos (talk of him moving to Manchester United is buzzing right now), you may also recognize him from countless Nike commercials. As for the rapper, his name is Emicida, and has officially graduated to above ground status as of late, punctuated by his recent deal with Rockstar Games to fill out the Max Payne 3 soundtrack. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Diplo throw him some love, considering his love for Brazil and all. The video features Emicida showing why he’s all that in Brazil, and Neymar demonstrating his ability to karate chop his way out of situations that don’t involve a spotted ball. (Check out those spotted ball skills after the jump).


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