Azealia Banks Is Still Here, Twitter Not So Much

“I’m a Young Black American Woman in 2012. I’m a 21-yr-old millionaire. i don’t have to prove myself to anyone… I’ve already paid my dues. I and the generations of women who came before me have been through enough stress and c**p to warrant me (the new generation) a very illustrious, lucrative, luxurious, STRESS-FREE career & life.”

That was a quote from Azealia Banks on her recent Tumblr activity whereby she pulled the “I’m done with rap” card. Ah, Azealia, Azealia, how uncomfortably predictable of you. She also fired her manager who was also Lady Gaga’s manager and deleted her Twitter account, complaining about how accessible the social media platform had made her. Though this is true for all of us, isn’t it the responsibility of a major label artist to produce said social media content? She complains on her Tumblr about not listening to “bloggers” who don’t have “real jobs” and then rants about how lucrative her manufactured image/brand/music has made her. Maybe it was the recent Kanye West beat hoax where she thought she was getting a Kanye beat and tweeted about it, only to find out it was a no-go. Personally I think she is having a bit of a manic episode, one that will most likely drop into a depressive state, at which point you may see it all Tumblr down. For now, get your “Kunt Fix” at her non-annoying social media locations: Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram.

Remember she’s a self declared millionaire and has an upcoming hip hop/rap mixtape about to be released, oh yeah, also has a world tour commencing. She seems to be doing just fine…

 Taken Hours Ago via Instagram


2 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Is Still Here, Twitter Not So Much

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