Cali/Texas export Chuuwee is staying busy now that he’s getting his checks signed by Amalgam Digital. After spending the past few months pushing the Crown Me King album, he’s already set to release another, titled Wildstyle. A few things I must say about this video though. First of all, it would be extremely impressive if Chuuwee actually was chopping LB’s for 23, aka, a pound of herb for $2300, the going rate around here is definitely higher and has been. Secondly, I do believe that an undercover police officer has never looked so young, nor said “5-0 freeze!” when making an arrest on a pusher, or used a gun that small, but I guess they figured his complexion fit the bill. And finally, enjoy these types of videos for now, considering the trajectory of Chuuwee’s career right now, I don’t see too many lower budget videos on the horizon. Peep my interview with him from a few months ago, the hustle permeates¬†throughout.

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