Blu & Exile Smell The Flowers, and and it’s marvelous

These guys remind me of the motto for Alexander Keith’s beer: Those who like it, like it a lot. Both Blu and Exile will not be featured on any upcoming Kanye tracks and no, 2 Chainz has not yet hit Exile up for his beat tape. But both of these guys combine to make some of the most underrated hip hop music out there. Blu for one gets it in, he has dropped six full length albums since his first release in 2007, and Exile is hardly a slouch matching that number as well. The above video promotes the release of the re-release of their collaborative effort from 2011 titled “Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them“, the album was received with a lot of eagerness by bloggers and fans alike, however criticism fell hard and fast on the audio quality of the project. They promised a re-release and it appears as though they will be delivering on that promise, expect to smell some sharper flowers on September 4th of this year. Prior to that they will drop an EP titled “Maybe One Day” at the end of next month. Pungently good stuff gentlemen.


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