You Should Pump This Shit, Like They Do In The Future

Company Flow kingpin and producer extraordinaire El-P has been making the rounds recently, pushing his Cancer For Cure release as well as his production across the board, including the Killer Mike album R.A.P Music released last month. I would watch the video above starting at the 3:46 mark when he performs his track “Full Retard” which is a personal favorite off the album. The rest of the 7 minute video has plenty of anecdotes as well as some goofing around that Def Jux fans will enjoy thoroughly. Check the full music video as well (after the jump), I find it an educational to see the difference between an artists rendition in a music video versus a live performance. Oh, and here’s an interesting fact from the album, the track titled “Tougher Colder Killer” was inspired by a poem that El-P’s godfather wrote, and here it is:

Message found on the corpse of a soldier.Dear Enemy, I have killed your son.  He had caught sight of me and followed me.  He had courage.  I backtracked and shot him from ambush. He died quickly and with dignity.  In the quiet after, I crawled over to him.  I took him into my arms.  I kissed him.  He is my first kill.  I die with him.  My name is Tom Daly Jr..  Before I came to your country, I lived with my parents, Alice and Thomas E. Daly, in Springdale, Oklahoma.

Sevan Minasian


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