Time To Put On Your House Shoes [Video]

It is somewhat hard to define who House Shoes really is. If there were such a thing as cult characters in hip hop, he’d definitely be on the list. Yes, you could call him a DJ, and yes he certainly has ample production credits under his belt, however his passion for his hometown Detroit coupled with his dedication to hip hop, make him more an ambassador than anything else. A righteous and informed ambassador he is, having worked with the likes of  J Dilla and Big Proof, to Black Milk, Danny Brown, Invincible, Finale, Big Tone,Bugz, Marv Won, The Fat Killahz, and Now On. He has also DJ’d for such names as Guilty Simpson, Illa J, ExileAloe BlaccPercee PPhat KatSlum Village and Elzhi. His pedigree is as concrete as the pavements he once meandered around on in his hometown of Detroit, having lived in Los Angeles for some time now, it’s been a pleasure to make his acquaintance. He dropped his new album Let It Go and this is the first video off of it, a humble start, expect future videos to include tracks from youthful avengers Danny Brown and Quelle Chris.


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