We Earn Another Oddisee Remix: yU

If you know anything about Oddisee, you know that he is a remix champ. If remixes are your thing, you should run, not walk, but proverbially run to your nearest download outlet and harvest his remix project titled “Odd Renditions”. Oddisee is the kind of rapper you can bump pretty much all day, a perfect ambiance for chill domiciles seeking a little enlightenment via music. Here he remixes a track from his fellow Mello Music Group signee, yU. yU is another rapper set on provoking your mind with social commentary that doesn’t come across as dogmatic. For the most part he raps about his own personal struggle in the DMV and his come-up. Right off the bat, you know that yU is serious about garnering the right attention and paving a path free of ‘major’ influence, the second verse starts off with the following willfully stubborn declaration:

Aiiight, u got a goal in mind. Now that’s a good start.
Let people know what u’re crafting, they’ll pull it apart
And say it needs some of this, and a lil bit of that
Before u put the finishing touch, their giving it the axe
And start chopping down a young tree
That’s why my ideas are unseen, cuz haters live amongst me

The remix is better than the original, but that’s mostly because Oddisee chooses to leave the verses and spice up the chorus with whatever magic dust he seems to have at the ready at all times. Once again Mello Music Group AKA Oddisee and Co. show us that in this swagged out world full of Kreayshawns, 2 Chains and Tunechi’s, there is a sound worth our attention, some may even dare to call it hip hop.

yU “I Believe  (Oddisee Remix)


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