Bumpy And Premier [Video]

Remember when lyricists could also be the hardest gangster you could cite on the spot? Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles was/is that dude, a man known for being able to ride a Primo beat with the best of them whilst kicking you in your proverbial face for not listening. That’s the thing about DJ Premier though, his beats are obviously trademarked, everyone knows a Primo beat when you hear one. It’s the reason why young rappers on the come up still pay respect and cite the OG beatmaker anytime they get asked “who do you want to work with?” For the most part, Primo has avoided such collaborations, focusing more on mega superstars in other genres (Christina Aguilera or Limp Bizkit) or keeping his work within the family (Big Shug, Blaq Poet, Singapore Kane). This song is off the new album The Kolexxxion.  Most of the beats on the album (all produced by DJ Premier except “Word Iz Bond”) are beats that were rejected by other artists, this one was too late to make Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3. Rejection never sounded so sweet.


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