Plug Research Is Quite The Sene [Videos x Album Stream]

When I heard Sene was moving from Los Angeles back to his native Brooklyn I was happy for him but sad for our town. He’s the kind of rapper that you are proud to be a fan of, his lyrics are not only witty and narrative but provide you an honest insight into the artist’s day to day. That type of open window is all the more appetizing when it doesn’t involve being inundated with punchlines about how many racks are available for stacking. Speaking of being proud of L.A., Sene is currently signed to independant Los Angeles based outlet Plug Research, notable artists include Tensei (huge fan of their work), Sonnymoon (saw them this weekend, again, fiyah), and the amiable Anthony Valadez of KCRW acclaim. The latter dropped this visual (below) for a recent track, which I believe is his first ever music video. Plug into some good music, do your research first.

I like the aesthetics and the general game plan for the video, however, the pious determination to blur and/or hide the young actresses face throughout the video seemed puzzling. Oh well, stream Sene’s BrooklynKnight after the jump.


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