Kendrick Lamar Doesn’t DO Power Circles

Yes, this video is primarily a visual capsule of what it means to ride the Rozay money train. This track has been featured on my workout mix, so you know I respect the verses. Kendrick Lamar has that zenith verse, also, I find it rather respectable that he wasn’t compelled to appear in the video. Then again, he’s not MMG family so perhaps that was intentional, use em and abuse em Ricky. I don’t think this track will have the traction that I’m a Boss had last summer, oh, and Wale just doesn’t look genuinely comfortable in this group. I’d take that Top Dawg roster over Maybach anyday though, Ab-Soul and KD versus Wale and Meek? No brainer. Anyways, consume as I know you will, clones.


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