Hot Sugar Harvests Some Sound To Create Some Music

When I was first introduced to Hot Sugar from a producer friend of mine, I inquired, what makes this dude so special? I figured it was another Big Apple crush, my homie is from NY and you know how they’re always propping each other up. Well, he referenced the unique nature of the sounds that Hot Sugar creates, that he’s not just sitting behind a laptop screen with a library of noises that he sifts and picks through. He harvests the sounds, I can’t remember exactly the word he used, but ‘harvest’ sounds good to me. By finding unique sounds he is able to create soundtracks that are literally prohibitively his, sonic snobbery if you will. For the fan this ensures an exclusive listening experience, it’s like watching a live birth without all the fluids and hard to pronounce anatomy. This video shows a harvesting session tracking the drums used on Addictions from the breakthrough album Moon Money which has truly propelled this sound harvestor to the forefront of blogs giving a fuck about the next great thing. Cop Moon Money with your earth money here.

Hot Sugar usually plays all the instruments on his projects, so…


One thought on “Hot Sugar Harvests Some Sound To Create Some Music

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