La Coka Nostra Minds Their Own

Europe is like 5-10 years behind us when it comes to our music, films and everything else we collectively pile together as pop. Ironically, for this reason they listen to a plethora of dope hip hop. While we’re stuck trying to figure out which 16 year old millionaire is worth our 10 dollars on Itunes, European clubs stay busy booking groups like La Coka Nostra. DJ Premier has had a busy week dedicating his appreciation to “older” hip hop as well, having just released that Bumpy Knuckles track, this video shows how relevant classic hip hop can be when it gets cosigned and laced by Premo. This track features Slaine and Ill Bill ripping into the highly transparent world of social networking and how little they care about your so called life. Amazing how refreshing a punch in the face can feel.

My Universe featuring Vinnie Paz

DJ Lethal and ILL BILL handle the majority of the production on Masters Of The Dark Arts, though they also enlisted Statik Selektah and get contributions from Vinnie Paz, Sean Price, Thirstin Howl the 3rd & Big Left as well as Outerspace, Q-Unique & Jaysaun on 2 bonus cuts.   Masters Of The Dark Arts will hit proverbial stores on 7-31-2012 and be released by the illustrious Fat Beat Records.

Tracklisting and credits for La Coka Nostra’s Masters Of The Dark Arts:


1.) “My Universe” f/ Vinnie Paz (produced by Statik Selektah)

2.) “Creed Of The Greedier” (produced by Sicknature)

3.) “המוסד” (produced by DJ Lethal & Scott Stallone)

4.) “Mind Your Business” (produced by DJ Premier)

5.) “Electronic Funeral” f/ Sean Price (produced by Beat Butcha)

6.) “The Story Goes On” (produced by DJ Lethal)

7.) “Letter To Ouisch” (produced by ILL BILL & DJ Lethal)

8.) “Snow Beach” f/ Thirstin Howl the 3rd (produced by Jack Of All Trades)

9.) “The Eyes Of Santa Muerte” ft/ Sick Jacken (produced by ILL BILL)

10.) “Murder World” (produced by C-Lance)

11.) “Coka Kings” f/ Vinnie Paz (produced by C-Lance)

12.) “.38 револьвер” f/ Big Left (produced by Sicknature)

13.) “Malverde Market” (produced by ILL BILL)

14.) “Masters Of The Dark Arts” (produced by DJ Lethal)

15.) “Everybody Down” f/ Jaysaun & Q-Unique (produced by C-Lance) ***iTunes Bonus Track

16.) “No Hay Tiempo Para Mañana” f/ Outerspace (produced by C-Lance) ***iTunes Bonus Track)


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