Beats, Rhymes, Life

Today is a slow day, literally nothing has hit my proverbial desk that entitles a sole post. Here are some stories floating around that almost made the cut.

1. Philadelphia Eagles star wide receiver Desean Jackson raps on stage with Freeway in Lancaster, PA

Rappers want to be ballers, ballers want to be rappers. Desean Jackson has dabbled with rap before, having been featured on a Gillie Da Kid track with fellow Philly pro Lou Williams of the Sixers. Guess they rap better than Freeway can ball, just a healthy hypothesis.

2. Black Star rock the Bonnaroo house [Picture thread]

Black Star duo Talib Kweli & Mos Def aka Yasmin Bey reportedly put down a classic show at Bonnaroo this year. Check out a series of dope pictures from that set via G4Mikey. Man, do they look ancient.

3. Two different beefs were highlighted at the BET Awards red carpet interviews. Machine Gun Kelly commented on his bubbling feud with Yelawolf and A$AP Rocky went in on his former producer slash homie SpaceGhostPurrp. 

Memorable quote from A$AP: “F him, f— him, straight up. He’s one of those cats, like a lot of guys just hang around me, try to build hype, and when they dip off, start throwing dirt on the young on the blood”

Memorable quote from MGK: “I love him, man. You gotta respect your elders, and he’s an old man so I gotta give it up, I respect all grandpas around the world doin’ it big. Salute.”

4. The usually flamboyantly braggadocio 2 Chainz reveals overly simple album art for the upcoming Based On A T.R.U. Story

 The album is due for an August 14th release, rumored to have collaborations with Kanye West, Drake, Rick Ross, Ludacris, and your momma.

5. Coachella may be leaving Indio, threatens city that 2013 will be last show.

I’ve never gone, but people who have seem to be pretty torn up about this. I doubt it will leave California and may in fact move closer to Los Angeles which would be selfishly sweet. Check the Times for the story.


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