ZIF Video Of The Week: Murs Tackles Homophobia: Animal Style [Video]

This is a Hobostewd-directed music video for “Animal Style”, the Embassy-produced track from his recent BluRoc release Love & Rockets Volume 1: The Transformation.I watched this video this morning and it took me a while to process and post, mea culpa. Murs plays a gay  teenager dealing with the tumultuous ebb and flow of navigating high school life. He nails the role, hard to believe he can pull off playing a homosexual teenager so effectively. If you thought Frank Ocean’s well placed letter was a brave act (which it was) you have to give it up to Murs here, the man is straight as an arrow and is by no means detached from an extremely homophobic workplace (hip hop). For him to put this track out and then shoot a video starring himself as the protagonist is an act of humanity unparalleled by most, this is how you comment on a social issue you care about. Here are his thoughts on making the video:

“The first was to be an advocate for people close to me who are out, and those who have yet to come out. It’s also a love song, which is nothing new for me. But with this one I wanted to challenge the listener to ask themselves: Is the love shared by two people of the same gender, really that different than the love I have for my partner of the opposite sex? And finally, I just felt it was crucial for some of us in the hip hop community to speak up on the issues of teen suicide, bullying, and the overall anti-homosexual sentiment that exist within hip hop culture. I felt so strongly about these issues and this song that I had to do a video that would command some attention, even if it makes some viewers uncomfortable. Even if it came at the cost of my own comfort.”

Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum on issues like this, there is no denying the courage and will it took to put this out. Salute.


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