This Shit Deleted

Spaceghostpurrp reminds me of Caravaggio, a braggadocious talent with plenty of genius but plagued by a bi-polar tendency to get irrational quickly. I just so happened to be on his Twitter timeline yesterday afternoon when I saw a tweet about how he was about to delete it forever, followed by a message to “Like” the Facebook page in order to keep in the loop. Needless to say, moments later the account changed to @THISSHITDELETED. So it isn’t actually deleted but his handle changed to indicate his displeasure with Twitter (I’m assuming he was fed up with the plethora of feedback available on the network). Again, I believe this simply reeks of instability, Azealia Banks steez (she reneged and ended up coming back to Twitter).

However, his musical talent and take no shit attitude has entertaining facets. Check out his new feature on Pitchfork’s +1 series to see how hype this Raider Klan despot can get at a show in addition to his take on his relationship with A$AP.


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