Me And My Shark Fin

As many of you are sure to be getting your news from sensational platforms like Yahoo and CNN, it’s likely you heard about the recent great white shark attacks in Australia this past week. In typical Australian regressive fashion, the response to these attacks have come in the form of legislation opening up commercial fishing on great whites. Thankfully there are some shark fans out there, and none quite as engaging as this Kool Kid Kreyola character. In support of the Great West Coast Shark Migration, contemporary painter and artist, Kool Kid Kreyola gives his lyrically friendly perspective on being one of the worlds most demonized and misunderstood predators. I keep telling artists I work with to get behind a cause and be creative about it, this is a prime example of that. Sponsorship city.

Oh and the lyrics aren’t chum either.

Uh, look for me…
Swimming on the west side
I’m a shark underwater
But you know I still keep it fly

Uh, I play a vital role
In the underwater food game
I eat all the sick and the dying
Diseased fishes

Uh, they taste good to me
They delicious
But I still get a bad reputation
‘cause I might bite a surfer or two
And I might bite a swimmer
I just mistook him for a seal
Or something real
Or maybe tuna steak
(Uh) it’s looking good on my plate
I didn’t mean to bite you (Uh)


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