Murda Bizness and Child Pageantry

This satirical interpretation of this track has sparked quite the debate online about the substance behind the lyrics. On the one side, it’s admittedly a spot on analogy to make , child pageantry is assuredly “murdering” the childhood of youth participating. But on the flip side, does it make sense to feature children in a video about making money off of murder? Even if she means something different altogether, you can’t rap with T.I., a man convicted of illegally purchasing assault rifles, and not expect people to take your lyrics about merking literally. Which is why she’s been clowned on by many, nobody expects some girl from Australia chopping it up about banana clips and block wars to be taken seriously. So why the serious video? Hence the debate.

The candid footage of them shooting the studio video shines light on how deep Iggy’s intent may have been.


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