Beats, Rhymes, Life

1. REK’s new video “Bang Bang”

I saw Wale talking about how that MMG promo video was like a “movie”. Nah homie, this dope REKS video is “like a movie”, REBULUTIONARY the album came out today. Cop it.

2. The Dogg becomes a Lion

Snoop hasn’t made a relevant hip hop track in almost half a decade, teaming up with Diplo makes sense, he’s a master of making anything sound playable with the right Lazer sounds.

3. Twits: Danny Brown cops a date with a porn star

Rappers love Twitter for this kind of shit. Regardless if that “date” happens, fans on both sides imagine all sorts of fantastical things about their respective idols. Note toKristina Rose fans, don’t idolize.

4. Gay rap is not a genre.

Yes, Le1f is a gay rapper, but like he says “I’m proud to be called a gay rapper, but it’s not gay rap. That’s not a genre.” Then what’s all the recent fuss slash buzz about? Here’s the video that got things started.

5. Ice-T is not the NRA, but they might like what he has to say about guns.

Oh Ice, always trying to push the envelope.


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