The Man Behind The Doom Mask [Video]

Masked men compel intrigue and MF Doom has done exactly that his entire career. The mask is synonymous with his well storied career and yet so little is known about it. Well, I’ve wondered, and now I know, the man behind the mask is Blake Lethem who worked with the Villain to design his first and second disguises.
This video interview with the Brooklyn based designer delves into the origins of the masqurade, and is a part of Frank151’s DOOM book.

Doom Tidbits for idiots

  • The “MF” stands for Metal Face
  • Throughout his career he has been accused of not showing up at his own shows, sending a double (his brother) as a stand-in
  • Went by the alias King Geedorah, a three-headed golden dragon space monster, modeled after King Ghidorah, the Toho movie monster who was a three-headed dragon that often battled Godzilla


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