Denmark Vessey – I’d Rather Be Makin Bread [Review]

Twenty seconds into the first track I realized I’d been nodding my head like a bobble-head doll and I haven’t heard a verse yet. Yes, Denmark Vessey can craft a dope beat, those of you unfamiliar may want to check out his production for Danny Brown or Quelle Christopher respectively. Denmark’s production is in many way quintessential Detroit material, I don’t know how to phrase this perfectly, but it sounds like he actually has a band at his disposal. Lyrically, I like how he keeps things low-key, he’s not trying to convince you to change your political affiliation or to buy into a movement, he lets his beats drive the track and invites lyrics along for the ride. On the previously released “Murder feat. Scud One” steel drums punctuate the static sound of vinyl spinning setting up a stripped down but eclectic canvas for the two emcees to spit about pretty much anything. Again, I must emphasize, when listening to this, it’s pretty much impossible to not bump your head to the beat. Rhythmically this EP is like French butter, the following track, “Stress”, clashes big band with classic hip hop, horns meet vinyl scratches on a classic boom bap beat. If there’s anything to Denmark’s music that makes it uniquely his, it’s his commitment to experimenting with simplicity, these are clearly beats he enjoyed making and he’s not looking to tarnish it up with overbearing lyrics about how swagged out his crew can get at your favorite watering hole. Denmark Vessey is paving his own path all while maximizing on the opportunity that Dilla created for soundsmiths from the D. I know he’s not making the kind of dollars that inspires envy, but we sure are pleased that he’s making beats.

Follow the whereabouts and sounds of Denmark Vessey @DenmarkV313

Cop the extremely affordable EP for less than a Subway footlong here.



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