Slash Gordan

Murs and Fashawn seems like such a natural fit, it’s almost contrived. However, the story of their mutual appreciation of each other as artists makes a lot of sense. For Fashawn, growing up in central California, he was obviously enthralled with the Living Legends crew and of course one of its more formidable members, Murs. As far as Murs is concerned, I believe teaming up with Fashawn is a great power play, he has an extremely strong network in the industry but could use a younger artist to cop some quick shine from the whippersnappers, this union should be reciprocally beneficial. Needless to say, I’m pumped about this seemingly intuitive fit. The duo have made the album This Generation, due for release September 25th 2012 through Duck Down Music Inc. The album is produced in its entirety by Beatnick and K-Salaam and has been described by Murs as “an amalgamation of all the different styles and eras”. The duo will tour with Rock The Bells this year, check out that Paid Dues stage for more on the line up.


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