The Doppelgangaz, now you know.

The primary difference between The Serengeti (music industry) today and a decade ago is  sheer size and scope. With the birth of Web 2.0 and viral marketing via social means, it has successfully empowered the independent “artist” and all but extinguished the classic industry formula for success. The downside to all of this? There is a lot of crap out there. Such inundation can lead to the wrong people being slept on and the horribly wrong people being propped up. Good music is a process of production, which is why the video (above) is an exemplary example of the difference between talented musicians and rappers with nepotistically minded friends. The Doppelgangaz produce great music, and are probably the most slept on rap act out of NYC right now. Yes, we know about Mr. Mufthafuckin Exquire, we know about the Flatbush Zombies and yeah, I heard of Big Baby Ghandi. Still stand by the statement, we’ll touch on the group more and more as we do with art we cosign, but for now, peep their process and their product. It’s all love.


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