Homeboy Sandman: Law School Dropout, Finesse Rapper, Constant Fighter

Homeboy Sandman is a Queens based emcee who was signed to Stones Throw Records for good reason. The former law school student and teacher has entered the rap game with vigilance, a choice that hip hop fans across the world are currently celebrating. This video is a moment in time with the emcee, where he goes in on everything from his father’s days as a Golden Gloves boxer to dropping out of law school to writing rhymes while stoned versus straight.

The album First of a Living Breed drops September 18th. It will feature production from ZIF favorites Oddisee and Jon Wayne. Scope the tracklist after the jump.

1. Rain [Prod. Jonwayne]
2. Watchu Want From Me? [Prod. Oddisee]
3. Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby, Boo) [Prod. J57]
4. Sputnik [Prod. Howard Lloyd]V
5. Illuminati [Prod. J57]
6. 4 Corners [Prod. Invisible Think]
7. For The Kids [Prod. 6th Sense]
8. Cedar and Sedgwick [Prod. rthentic RTNC]
9. Mine All Mine [Prod. 2 Hungry Bros]
10. Not Really [Prod. Jonwayne]
11. The Ancient [Prod. Reality]
12. Eclipsed [Prod. rthentic RTNC]
13. First of a Living Breed [Prod. Oh No]
14. Let’s Get ‘Em [Prod. rthentic RTNC]


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