We Are Farmers, Not Rappers?

Three Loco may be the most contrived “musical” act out there. The group features comedians Andy Milonakis and Dirt Nasty aka Simon Rex along with viral candy rap sensation Riff Raff. The group is releasing a record via Mad Decent on September 14th. The album is likely to feature plenty of Diplo production if not in its entirety altogether. This track featured a little double dip of Diplo, chopping up the “Farmers Insurance” jingle and then actually dropping a few bars at the end. His bars are horrendous, but honestly it does make you think, how much top notch production will be essentially wasted away on this album.  You can’t have your cake and eat it Mad Decent fans, Diplo cannot produce for everyone on that label, including this jokester act and maintain sonic quality across the board. The artist roster over there is well known, plenty of quality, here’s hoping this viral act/album is a one off.

Cop their three record sampler for free here. I guess.

Behind the scenes footage of the shoot.


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