Hank From The Past

It has been a minute and then some since I last chopped it up with Providence, RI rapper/drunkard Dirty Hank. Needless to say, we didn’t sponsor his “I Might Need a Doctor” tape because we appreciate his ability to consume PBR. No, Dirty Hank is an engaging rapper, one who barely takes his own talent serious enough to garner third party praise. However, in an industry where everyone is eager to boast about things they don’t have or cannot do, it’s always been a pleasure to engage with an artist who frankly would probably hate to be described as an “artist” at all. So it was a small victory-esque surprise to see that Dirty Hank has new music to push, specifically his upcoming 90’s instrumentals laced  mixtape “Anything Helps.” Continuing a trend of manifesting his lyrics via an eclectic pop character (see Monty Brogan EP), here is the first track off the mixtape, good old Crazy Joe Davola. 

And remember, like the man say’s himself: “Hank’s days are most likely numbered, so listen and share while you can.” No release date on the project, Dirty Hank steez.

Be sure to check out our interview with Dirty Hank. His belligerence has lasted a while.

Follow Hank, @DirtyHank


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