takstar the editor

It’s officially been a few months since the homie Takstar made his pilgrimage home to NYC. For those in the ZIF inner circle (cue Lozada), you are familiar with his abilities to polish a piece of turd and offer it up to you in exchange for dollar bills or some smoke. He’s also known for being extremely sporadic and nonsensical when it comes to the rate and fashion he drops music. This “trap rap” edit of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” goes harder than 2012 Melky Cabrebra, that Mannie Fresh drum roll also makes a special appearance. I admit, I had to Google “Lou Reed”, but you have to Google “takstar”, sucka, I’ll take that trade. Oh, and speaking of dope remixes by this Ichiban Nippon.

Follow the sonic journey of takstar @Tak4Prez


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