“Wavvy” is a word that is desperately vying to claim the top spot in a game of King of the Hill with the word “Swag”. Max B may have been the first recorded “Wavy” mutterer, but this morpheme is in it for the long haul.

As for the video itself, kudos to the director, not only do you have a very official directorial  name (Francesco Carrozzini), but you clearly maximized your mid level budget. The dumpy truck scene with the alternating backdrop throughout was pure genius.

As for Mykki Blanco, just another teenage mutant emcee from the Big Apple killing the game loudly with brash words and overly stylized bravado? Well yes, sort of, um , except, Mykki Blanco is the “teenage female rapper” persona of the 25-year-old New York rapper Michael Quattlebaum. Yes, he’s gay, and if you were keen to the lyrics in the video, you’d hear him utter a reference or two. Elevate yourself from mental slavery and check out more music from this talented artist very much on the come up.

Follow the illustrious becoming of Mykki Blanco, @MykkiBlanco


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