Murs x Fashawn, don’t judge a song by its video

When you’re a fan of a song, it goes without saying that you should give the music video a chance. I can’t say I’m impressed with this video at all, it certainly fails to meet the expectations I personally have for this album. It also seems to fall flat of the creative mojo that has been sprinkled on Mur’s past few videos. This song and album is likely to be a symbiotic give and take on the mic between two emcees who have a lot in common stylistically. Unfortunately, this video was an overly literal manifestation of that union, literally wearing the same outfit in the same shot (an alien ship?), dropping a rhyme and then ducking out for the other to seamlessly finish it. All in all, rather boring, and doesn’t look overly cheap either, which essentially means money was spent on a video that lacks any real pizzazz. Cheesy.

Here’s some good news though: I got a chance to listen to the advance copy of this album. It’s hot like Tapiato and we’ll be throwing that review up this week.

“Slash Gordan” is the lead single off Murs & Fashawn’s upcoming album ‘This Generation,’ out 9/25 on Duck Down Music. Pre-order the album here.


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