Jehovah’s Witnesses Spank Their Monkeys In Silence

Hopefully you let me provide you with some context prior to watching the video. So, Jehovah’s Witnesses are not just lurking on your porch at 5AM on your favorite sleep-in day, they also have a website ( and they produce videos promoting their very serious message. Some of these videos are designed to teach their mission to deaf people, in this series of videos, there was one intent on teaching the acoustically impaired the importance of abstaining from masturbation, all in sign language! You can see the original video here, video # 22. Well, it was only a matter of time until it got redone and mashed with an R Kelly track, right? Now you can view that video above in all of its glory. It’s definitely gone viral, search on YouTube for various versions if you so desire.


2 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witnesses Spank Their Monkeys In Silence

  1. Let us all use the power of the Internet and shut down the JWs for good. If you are reading this, and if you are sick and tired of this cult as much as I am, leave a reply like this on another message board. Any message board. Make the world aware of the problem at hand. 2012 will go down in history as being the year which started the JWs mich-deserved downfall. Candace Conti, Sparlock the Warrior Wizard, (look them up if you dont know these two!) and now this deplorable video attempting to make individuals ashamed of mere human nature!

    The future is in our hands, guys. Let’s end this cult once and for all! I was trapped in their web of lies for 15 years, and my sister is now a brainwashed sheep.

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