Seems like a century ago when Lupe Fiasco dropped the skater anthem “Kick, Push” effectively making him known to every backpacker out there. As the years progressed we saw a hybrid presentation of commercial joints with cheesy features along with serious activism tracks intent on making a political statement (see Food & Liquor and The Cool vs. Lasers and Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album)  Needless to say, his activism has gotten the better of him as his career has progressed, so has his religious piety and its manifestation in his music. Lupe is a Muslim, very much anti-establishment, a vocal Obama critic and hibernates on election day. He recently has gotten a lot of press for his beef with Chicago thuggie Chief Keef and his reaction to it, which was an apparent retirement announcement. That story is lame sauce, I refuse to even link you to it. However, if you are following the events in Libya and Egypt, you’d have heard about the atrociously nauseating film “Innocence of Muslims” for which the violence is currently being attributed to.  The Israeli “filmmaker” responsible for the film clearly had an agenda intent on fanning the flames that currently blaze daily in the Middle East. Well, Lupe took to his Twitter to start a campaign dedicated to showing his fans and others how The Prophet Muhammad impacted him, all tweets were accompanied with the hashtag #MuhammadShowedMe.

The response was…well, overwhelmingly good.

Hell of a counter Lupe, no doubt someone’s mind was changed on the topic, most likely a staunch fan of yours with little to no political education. We’ll take it.


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