The Rap Game Dregs One

I worked Bruin Bash last night and watched thousands of pimply faced consumption machines aka freshman effectively gloss over the headliners, Los Rakas and Chiddy Bang. Both of those groups kick serious butt and are very much ZIF approved. So it made me think about how even hybrid commercial acts like Chiddy Bang hit rough patches when it comes to satiating younger audiences. Makes you wonder, who in their right mind is out there pushing music if they know it won’t be commercially successful? Well, ask Dregs One, the Bay Area emcee has been pushing his music with a non-commercial message for half a decade. My guess is that the answer involves having a full time job and something about love for the “game”. Either way, I’m glad I live in a world that isn’t pre-programmed to suit the needs of young people with abounding funds and zero gustation , oh wait…

This new single “Easy Rider” is off his EP, Mood Swings, produced by BIG Shawn of the underground group Bored Stiff. It’s a song about coping with the stress that life and society throws at us. Apparently the EP drops “soon”, nice.


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