Your Presidency would be real, but your Twitter followers aren’t?

“Fight night! Round 1 of the debate is finished.” By Michael Greaney via

@PharoaheMonch called the first debate last night the “Presidential rap battle” & it is a good analogy – dudes talking about how great they are with pre-written words meant to sound like they are ‘debating’ live & of course no females are invited to take part (the wives and daughters of the candidates are there for hugs after, of course – forget including Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein & running mate Cheri Honkala who might actually have brought different points to debate about rather than political style points to prime time television). Just like in a rap battle, we are meant to decide who we like to look at and listen to better while hearing the same empty nonsense over and over again & just like when you watch an awards show – the most talented people you actually want to hear and see perform are on the outside, without the bling, being effectively hidden from the masses.

The world is a phony place these days. From fake food to fake hair to fake nails to fake help to fake boobs to fake journalists to fake butts – we are a world and certainly a nation that expects and accepts a high level of fakery on a daily basis. Political campaigns seem to embrace a level of fraudulence that can annoy even the most artificial people – and if they are fake about simple things like who follows them on Twitter, how can they be real about what they would do if elected?

Obama and Romney made of Play-Doh by Ian Williams via

This morning, @BarackObama’s camp was firing shots at fakery over Twittter, calling out “the real” Romney who they claim did not show up to battle rap at the debates last night. Here are 3 examples:
1) “The man onstage last night — he does not want to be held accountable for what the real Romney’s been saying for the last year.”
2) “When I got on stage, I met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be Mitt Romney. It couldn’t have been Mitt Romney.”
3) “The real Romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy.”

Obama’s campaign team obviously thinks it important to continue the debate from last night over Twitter today, but how real is @BarackObama’s Twitter following? is here to help, claiming the President’s Twitter account is followed by many fake or inactive followers. Here is the #ZIF breakdown:

@BarackObama (verified account) 20,515,399: 18% fake + 31% inactive =
49% zombies vs. 51% “real” followers (10,462,853)
the Vice President:
@JoeBiden (verified account) 177,765: 15% fake + 44% inactive =
59% zombies vs. 41% “real” followers (72,883)

What Americans saw during the debate last night may not have been the “real Romney” (who clearly doesn’t feel he has anything to prove over Twitter today) – but how real are @MittRomney’s Twitter followers? The #ZIF breakdown:

@MittRomney (verified account) 1,273,313: 18% fake + 34% inactive =
45% zombies vs. 48% “real” followers (611,190)
his VP running mate:
@paulryanvp (verified account) 344,919 = 21% fake + 32%inactive =
53% zombies  vs. 47% “real” followers (162,111) – (I must note that a few weeks ago when I started researching for this post, only 7% of Mr. Ryan’s followers were ‘real’ – kudos to his camp for figuring it out.)

And what about the Green Party presidential candidate? Is she full of Twitter fakery, with more zombie followers than real ones? @JillStein2012’s Twitter following may be a small one (13,552) but of those followers, claims 76% of them are “real” – giving her the highest percentage of active followers.

Perhaps, like many hip hop artists we love, you will choose to support none of the candidates this election year. Perhaps you have been waiting for more “information” trickled down from what we are still calling “debates” (they should be called “Ruling Class Conversations” or “Simple Talk with the Republicans and Democrats” something more descriptive of what is actually going on there) and whatever propaganda the news outlets have in store. Regardless, in the meantime, when you sign into your Twitter account and see annoying political retweets on your timeline, let it be a comfort that you can know the facts about the level of fake attached to each campaign account.

Want to check out my level of fake (@infamousladyt), or find out how fake your favorite rapper’s accounts are? (like @kanyewest for example, who can boast an embarrassing 60% fake followers) – check out

If that doesn’t interest you, try eating a Thug Waffle instead & remember that the only candidate who will allow for the kind of sour treats Flatbush Zombies are talking about is the Green one, Jill Stein who supports the legalization of cannabis and slams the Obama administration for attacking medical cannabis patients across the country.

xo – Lady T


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