My V@g Is Better Than Your Penis

I hate hearing dicks talk about their sticks, vocalising my complaints often – so how do I like hearing about what Awkwafina thinks about her vag, you ask? Well, I laughed as I was supposed to and I can appreciate the cute lines…but in the end, I was a bit frustrated and to be fair, it’s not Awkwafina’s fault. Of course my pissed off pussy is going to give her vag style points for making her cunt the subject of a song, and who doesnt like SNL style music video compilations? But, her vag creating the cream for the other vag’s with the gun and the pile of money smelled a bit like a cock to me which is always disappointing – does the imagery of her burly bodyguard painting her nails and her declaration that her vag is better than any penis even things out? I’m not sure. But, I like her and prefer her vag to Iggy Azalea’s Pu$$y any day.

xoxo – Lady T


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