Fatty Boom Boom

What you’ll see in this video:

  1. A depiction of what an urban street in South Africa must look like to an ignorant hick from Alabama
  2. White people with full body paint, including some ‘blackface’ action
  3. A gynecological scene that features the “birth” of a prawn from a human vagina (based on Vagina Prawn scene from ‘Black Gynaecologist’ by Anton Kannemeyer)
  4. A real lion appearing to eat a not-so real Lady Gaga

And not for one moment will you be offended. That is the magic of Die Antwoord, intent on shocking you, yet failing miserably to raise a goose bump. This track is off their second studio album, Ten$Ion, which dropped in January of this year. The reception has been muted at best, a potential reason why may be the widely shared thoughts of Andrew Ryce over at Pitchfork. 

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