My sister thinks he is overrated…

…but he is one of my favorite new rappers, coming up and getting respect: Kendrick Lamar. So I was wondering what kind of F**cking Problems had.
To be fair, I only listened to this track once.

But when you listen to this song, if you listen really close, with like, your third ear (similar to your third eye, but located inside of your brain)…you can hear in the background chicks singing on the chorus & throughout, “dirty dicks, dirty dicks, dirty dicks.” This song & songs like it just make me think of disease these days. My face was in a tight ball signaling yucky disgust the entire time. If you have a f**cking problem, you probably also have a problem with your dick dripping (not pee) every once in a while and those are NOT the kind of problems you want women thinking of when you are some dude rapping on a track, right?

Can’t imagine liking the A$AP version better, but who knows.

xoxo – Lady T


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