Beats, Rhymes and Life

1. Major drop #1. Sean Price has finally released the highly anticipated Mic Tyson album via Duck Down of course. Cop the album here. I went ahead and streamed my favorite track to give you an incentive to buy. Yes, I am your pusher, man.

Sean Price – Battering Bars (feat. Pumpkin Head)

2. Major drop # 2. Hot Sugar pushes towards the industry finish line with his new EP, Midi Murder. It’s absolutely bananas. And free! Well, you’ll have to sell your firstborns soul to Toyota, but even still! (Click the image to cop).

3. Ludacris gets ludicrous with his Halloween Costume. Possibly the best admission of doppelganger status, Luda will be going as Anthony Davis this year, for those of you unaware, Davis was the first overall pick in this years NBA draft and is known for his uni-brow. I hope Luda reuses this look for a few parties, seems like a hell of a commitment to throw away on just one soiree. #FearTheBrow

4. Speaking of Halloween, Lil Boosie is sponsoring a kid friendly Halloween party tomorrow in Baton Rouge. Only problem, he’s currently doing an 8 year stint in Angola (the state prison, not the country) for drug charges. “He won’t be there physically, but he’s giving it,” his cousin Porcha Webb tells 9News Neighborhoods.

5. Fans awaiting another Eminem album were pleasantly surprised with the announcement that he will be releasing one next year. Eminem showed off his new “tribute hat” playing off the Tigers logo with the side panel dedicated to the landmark Eminem solo albums ( it includes the year 2013). Smart eh? Needless to say the tribute would have been much more dramatic had the Tigers beat the Giants. Cop the hat here.


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