Sniper Queen

Videographer Julio Secchin gets uber creative with this new Leo Justi music video, big time. Think Batman meets City of God. Here’s what the director had to say about it:

“Sniper Queen is one of the most iconic characters to emerge from this year’s Brazilian music-video production. Like Leo Justi’s music, he blends the harsh ghetto lifestyle with sophisticated and complex elements. Patrolling through the rooftops of Rio de Janeiro, he wears his unmistakable fur coat with shinny wrestling tights, portraying himself as a super-hero figure with a sniper rifle.

As a former elite-squad officer, Sniper Queen acts as a vigilante throughout the city, watching over people in distress. He also does a little bit of target-practice in between his heroic adventures.

Rio de Janeiro isn’t the usual background for this kind of character, specially in this case. This is a strong black man dressed in a queer-heroic fashion with no apparent match for his power around. Even though it sounds like a black exploitation kind of music-video, it isn’t. As weird as it sounds, this can be the only kind of super-hero that actually fits Rio de Janeiro.

Like Favela Funk music, it comes from the ghetto but gets mainstream. Most people like it, but don’t express it publicly.

He takes matters into his own hands, but dances along his quest for justice. He’s an outcast doing the job no one else would do. But he has fun doing it.”

Like much of the music coming out of Rio, this track slashes through typical genre placements and compels us to find new ways of describing it altogether, in the case of Justi’s music he has labeled it as “Heavy Baile”. From what I can piece together it basically means ghetto meets heavy meets rock. Yeah, I know, awesome sauce.


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