The Guild: The Guilded Age [Review]

Let me be the first to declare my bias, Takstar is my boy, and I’ve always been a fan of his music, casual and professional. Ok, now read my lips: The Guild is dope. This eclectic group of familiars (Dun Dudnik, Takstar, Sean Blaze, Yuri Beats) from NY/Philly put together a complex sound here,  it’s instrument heavy with some samples that take you back to your favorite rainy college day memories. The track “Beach Bitch” stands out, some solid play there, not sure who’s playing what, but sounds crisp. They get some somewhat cliche raps out of some unknowns, That Kid CG sounds oh so NYC on “Space Children”, and Big Baby Ghandi gets the pseudo-celebrity nod and delivers a random but punch line heavy set of rhymes that he is literally reading off his pad. No, it’s not the rappers that make this hip-hop (can I call it that?) album stand out. It’s the fact that all of these guys are clearly in tune with their own sonic creativity and are first and foremost skilled musicians. Sheet readers if you will, dudes that probably stretched out their early years of music lessons while you were too busy moving on to Pop Warner or whatever. Admittedly, I felt at times this independence seemed to clash on this project, leaving you somewhat uncertain if there was a mandate or theme to this project. But that’s to be expected from a battery of brains, and overall you are left feeling pretty damn special about stumbling across this group. Peep “Gaytara”, this is that music is eclectic shit (someone call KCRW, STAT). The end of the album is packaged tight with a haphazard NBA reference and oh look a solid remix from the highly lauded Xaphoon Jones. Get this and tell your friends, you’ll probably be that guy who told them about this. Shit is free yo. Here!


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