There are three regional areas that are outright doing it for the rap game right now: New York, Los Angeles, and The Bay Area. Yes, it’s true, Bay Area rap was arguably an even hotter talking point last year and E-40 and Mac Dre have been household names for over a decade. However, the young gunners up there are putting it on as of late. None more impressive in my estimation than HBK Gang front man IAMSU! If you haven’t peeped his new mixtape, $uzy 6 $peed, you’re not breathing fire like a dragon, so yeah, get on that. This drop right here is from akaFrank who’s recent video titled “Racist (My Dick Ain’t)” (which is about exactly what you think it’s about) has gone relatively viral. This posse cut features some of the crisper talent out of the Bay that I speak of and picks up where his video left off, a bawdy ode to all the upstanding women out there waiting on a rapper to come a knocking.


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