Cool Kids: Still Cool?


I attended an URB Magazine listening party for the Cool Kids back in ’08 I believe, back when URB actually had an office, and a publication for that matter. I recall the overwhelming response the crowd had when “Black Mags” was performed live by the young duo. I thought to myself, “this is great, but do these guys have staying power?” Well, they went on to forge one of the more meteoric rises in recent hip hop memory. The kids were quickly dripping in major tour money and thrust into the MTVU harbor as a flagship group. But much like Outkast, solo projects often reveal areas of concern previously overshadowed by the necessary concessions made during the creative process as a group. Let me first say, that Chuck Inglish is clearly a wunderkind when it comes to production, his list of clients has reached astronomically respectable proportions. However, Mikey Rocks, now Sir Michael Rocks, has left with me some pangs when presented with his new solo material. First of all, I’m not a Mac Miller fan, and Mikey’s decision to open up for him on his tour along with the recent joint they dropped is just bad looks all around. Secondly, I feel like Sir Mike is sounding more and more like a fusion of just too many artists out there. Think Curren$y meets Casey Veggies meets Wiz. There was a time when I could tell you exactly what Mikey Rocks sounded like and what made him unique, of course he was embedded within a duo at that time and I was reading a magazine that doesn’t exist anymore. Judge this track as you will, it’s the first leak from “Lap Of Lux 1.5, which will be available via on Thursday, December 6th, here

I actually don’t hate this track, I do however believe it stands out not. I think that the production on this EP is strong, Harry Fraud and Chuck should carry this into a successful drop. I just hope Mikey has something to say about it as well.


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