A$AP has problems I want, Noisey does not.

I find it disturbing that this video was released with the headline, “Is A$AP Rocky Gonna Blow Up Next Year” via Noisey/Vice. Get over yourselves guys. A$AP “blew up” more than I think he or anybody else in his camp could have imagined this year. What exactly are you hoping for? How about a tour with his name on it talking about how great it would be for his music to be consumed forever? Oh, wait. How about a track and video with a Caucasian female crooner who dominated airplay this year? Oh, wait. Their post is filled with illustrious descriptions about the track as well, stuff like:

the “Fuckin’ Problems” video is really good and Drake’s part is the best even though the rest of it is really good too..

Ugh, no the Drake part is not the best part. And how’s your fascination with the word “good” doing guys?

Or this gem about the track “Goldie”

its accompanying video that featured Rocky and his dude A$AP Yams stunting in front of the Eiffel Tower, should have been the one to push him over the edge and into ubiquity. But it didn’t, and it sucks.

If the hip hop heads at Noisey/VICE are the defining the “edge”, someone find me the bland interior, lickety-split .


One thought on “A$AP has problems I want, Noisey does not.

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